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    New Series Recommended

    SZZHONGJIE carefully weigh every detail, to promote the implementation of product differentiation!

    Core Transmission

    independent R&D team, grasp core technology

    gates core transmission section is a Sino-Czech team developed its own technology from;

    After years of testing and improvements can be achieved under normal use, trouble-free operation 5 million times;

    can be based on the actual needs of customers, to adjust the system;

    and for the movement, and other vulnerable parts of the long-term leave reserve, in case of failure timely replacement,minimize the impact on customers.

    Now Consulting>>National Hotline:4009-969-805

    Infrared radiation sensors

    big brand accessories,device performance unleashed

    Chile Shengan emphasize excellence in product quality comes from details of the control, the important parts are made of well-known brands at home and abroad,

    where infrared radiation sensor components from Taiwan and Taiwan Bang Group / Honeywell, an international quality, stable and reliable;

    have high sensitivity, speed sensors, environmental adaptability, the detection is less susceptible to outside interference and other significant advantages.

    Now Consulting>>National Hotline:4009-969-805

    High-end design

    unique design, perfectly adapted to all kinds of high places

    Chassis sheet metal part using the most advanced processing technology, small gaps, solder joints, drawing light, beautiful and glossy;

    is the latest development in particular through the door speed, material well, flowing lines, generous style;

    is ideal for airports, high-speed rail station, government agencies, Grade A office buildings, banks, schools, exhibition, residential and other high places, the country currently has a mature cases.

    Now Consulting>>National Hotline:4009-969-805

    Intelligent Processing

    advanced software systems, realize intelligent control channel management

    The machinery, electronics, microprocessor control and various identification technologies organically integrated,

    matching various identification system equipment and the use of reliable security, alarm devices, direction indication, LED count,

    convenient compatible IC cards, ID cards, barcode cards, fingerprint readers and other equipment,

    a variety of identification, provide you with civilized, orderly traffic and the safe and efficient management.

    Now Consulting>>National Hotline:4009-969-805


    Jazz in the security services industry refresh mode truly worry-free service 360

    customization, 100% fit your needs

    An accept all kinds of Jazz to plans to customize , you only need to send pictures and specific functional requirements;

    Our professional engineers will be given in the first time to respond, and to provide you with unique product customization program;

    fast delivery mechanisms, efficiency industry leading

    Our products use Modular design , installation can be freely combined according to customer demand;

    For conventional models, more cash reserves, when the world's fastest single day can be shipped, on time leading peer least 1/3;

    Now Consulting>>custom made>>

    professional and technical engineers, 24 hours online response

    for the sale of products, its own team of engineers, Phone free guide product installation and use, the package will package;

    and the implementation of 7 * 24 hour online response, 10 minute within the immediate answer customer technical problems, 48 hour on-site service, within 72 hours to solve the problem;

    authority aftermarket, quality issue a full refund

    An solemnly promise in Jazz, the sale of products manufactured pass rate of more than 99.99% , low failure rate;

    within three months from the date of receipt, such as defects in the product itself confirmed, to accept full refunds, intermediate produce cost all-inclusive, Never allow customers to bear additional losses;

    Engineering case

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    about szzhongjie

    Jazz Shenzhen Technology Co., Ltd. is a research and development, manufacturing, systems integration and service of integrated production and R & D-oriented enterprises. Professional R & D production and sales of intelligent three roller gates / three Kun Gate / Smart blocked gates / wing gate / Intelligent swing gate / intelligent automatic three-roll / Smart Pan Gate / Smart turnstiles, access gates to gradually improve as the core, integrated electronic tickets , Access Control, site personnel management, anti-static workshop, fingerprint attendance, palm prints, face recognition, systems integration and other products use the program ..
    about szzhongjie

    corporate visionTo create the industry's most well-known within the channel gate and reputation manufacturers

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